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About Us

Australia’s Premier Exotic Shoes & Alternative Footwear Website

Welcome to our brand new website. Exotic Footwear was established in July 2004 and is Australia's Premier Authorised Pleaser USA seller. We don't carry lines we think are popular, we carry the entire range. So your choices are never limited.

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We offer free shipping, a loyalty program and 24/7 contact (SMS). 

**Note: We do not have a store, however appointments for fittings (mornings more suitable for us) can be made at our Bayswater North, office. Call or SMS on 0413 708 919 to make a booking.

We do not have a store at the Victorian Market (this store is using our name without permission)

We do not carry stock, we order every Thursday night at 10pm from our supplier, this shipment arrives the following Monday and we send it straight out to you either that day or the following morning. We do have display stock and and sometimes returned stock (new) if you need something sooner rather than later.

We do carry some stock and samples, contact us for information or lists on what we have. Currently, all stock is in our "Clearance" category, available for immediate shipping or pick up.

We can sometimes be hard to get hold of, best times to call are between 9am - 1pm and 5pm - 7.30pm on weekdays, and on weekends, 8am - 7pm (Please leave a message if we are unable to answer the phone and we will return your call asap or send us an SMS



Can't find a particular product?

If you know the style number or what it looks like, contact us. It may be discontinued, however we may still be able to get it in your size, or it may be omitted from our website (for various reasons). If it's a Pleaser or associated brand and we can't get it, no one can :)


Below are the Expo's/Markets we intend to participate in. We will mark them confirmed when we have booked our place

No events are planned for 2018 at this stage

We ocassionally do small markets and open to do other promotion work at Pole Studios, Fitness Comps around Melbourne.

Stock on hand
All items are ordered as needed, however we do carry some stock if you need something sooner rather than later. You can request a copy of our stock list which tells you what we have in what sizes and their prices. 

We do offer discounts for large orders (5 pairs or more). If you intend on placing a big order, contact us first either via email or SMS (you will get a quicker reply via SMS) and we'll let you know what you need to do.

As for Loyalty, this is often the discretion of management and depends on your spending habits/purchasing history. Eg: if you have placed 4 orders in the last 12 months, but each time it's been less than the value of $100, then we are less inclined to offer you one, however if your orders are over $130 (roughly) 3 - 4 times then we may be able to add you to our Loyalty list. Sometimes we will add you without notice (we like surprises :) ). Loyalty discounts are 10%. You must set up an account to be eligible for a discount and purchase at least 3 times in 12 months to keep it active. If you do not buy anything in that time, it will be taken off. Feel free to conact us if you have any questions.