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Do you Have A Shop? What is the Address?

We do not have a shop. We operate out of a private residence in Bayswater North, Victoria. Pick ups of orders are welcome and there is a pick up option in Check Out. If you require a pair of shoes urgently check our Ready To Ship category first. If there is something there you wish to pick up, contact us to make a time. We do allow pick ups up to 7.00pm weekdays. (Note: we cannot accept appointments on Wednesdays). If you wish to drop in for a fitting, appointments are neccessary. Contact us if you have any other questions

Is your premises Covid-safe?

All display pairs of shoes and boots are cleaned when used for fittings and sanitized. All staff has also been fully vaccinated.

How do I work out my size?

All our shoes/boots are in US sizes, you will find a link to our size chart on the "About Us" page.

My order says it is "Complete", does that mean it's on it's way?

No. This just means the order has successfully been processed. If it is "Pending" then we are waiting for your payment to go through. Then it may move to Complete once payment has been received (we will let you know). We will need to order your item in before it will move to "Shipped" in which you will get a notification. Feel free to contact us regarding your order for an update if it's been more than 7 days. We usually send orders out on a Tuesdays or Wednesdays depending on the time the shipment arrives in our office.

Can I get my shoes expressed to me?

Yes you can. Depending on your location and the size of the order, sometimes an additional payment is required. Not ethat we still need to order your product in, however we will then make sure it goes Express. We will soon have a new website up and it will have an Express Post option.

How do I pay for my order?

All orders can be paid with Credit Card, PayPal and Bank Transfer. You can also pay by credit card by phone if you wish, just select "Bank Transfer" in Checkout then give is a call during our business hours (check Contact page). Phone Orders are also now welcome. Check phone hours as we won't answer your call beyond 7pm most nights.

What delivery service do you use?

All items are sent with Australia Post and a tracking number is provided. We will send you an email via our website with tracking information the day it is sent out. You may also receive an email and SMS from Australia Post once they have scanned it.

The shoes are the wrong size, how do I exchange them?

Let us know within 14 days of receiving them and we'll organise exchange (Note: It's ok if your exchange/return request is a few days past this). If you require a refund, these can take between 1 - 5 days to process. We can also provide a credit on your account or a credit coupon for later use.

Do you have a Loyalty program?

Yes. All new accounts receive a 5% discount. This is automatically applied. No fancy special codes needed. Best of all, we don't flood your inbox with spam and it's for all future orders, not just the first one. The more often you buy or the bigger the orders are, the more likely uou will earn an increased discount. We will notify you when this happens.

Can I ring my order through instread of ordering online?

Yes. We now accept phone orders, however they are limited to a maximum of $200 spend (for security reasons). Phone orders need to be made between 10am - 6pm weekdays, 10am - 5pm weekends.

Are you doing any expos this year?

We are locked in to do the Fetish Expo, 12th March 2022. Check our About Us page for details

Can I be a shoe model?

We have our own photographer who uses his own models. But if you wish to be one of them, visit his Facebook page here for more information - or Instagram: jsalternative

Do you do “industry” discounts?

No. When you sign up to our website, you get an automatic 5% off. If you plan to place a large order (5 pairs or more) contact us before placing the order and we may be able to offer you a larger discount then.

I have placed 3 orders with you in the past, can I get a special discount on my account?

You might get an increased discount depending on how frequent you order with us. 1 - 2 orders every 4 months won't grant you an increased discount.

It says "In Stock" so can you send it straight away?

No. In Stock basically means we can get them in, they are available, however due to the size of the range, it's not always right. We try to keep the site up to date as often as possible, but sometimes something sells out before we know it. If you need something urgently, contact us for an estimated delivery time before placing your order.

Some style numbers have an * next to their product name, what does that mean?

The asterix means the product is on special and/or has been discontinued. Best to check availability before ordering as some sizes run out of stock before we are aware of it (but we try to stay on top)

Can I pick up my shoes when you get them in?

Yes, but by appointment only. We do allow people to come after business hours up to 7 - 7.30pm and on weekends (including Sundays)

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

We do, but it generally depends on the size of the order and what you need. 3 pairs won't be enough... 

I run a business/cheerleading squad/team etc... and need shoes/boots, what can you organise for us?

We have done special orders for many organisations in the past. We can arrange a special price and priority service for you. Contact us and we will get what you need as soon as we can. If you want to order the same thing frequently we can arrange a special price.

What is "Vegan Leather"?

Vegan Leather is just another term for Poly Urethane or Faux Leather. It's not real leather, its imitation leather, looks like leather but isn't. No animals were harmed in the making of any products with this material.

What are "Fitness Comp Shoes"?

This category has been created for the body building industry. All these shoes are clear high heels with a heel height of 4" - 5", many with a bit of bling on them, some just plain. For clear heels 6" or higher, please check the Platform Shoes range.

What is Demonia?

This range consists of Gothic styles shoes & boots for men and women, combat boots, shoes/boots made of poly urethane/vegan leather, some leather boots (but not many). Many fo these shoes have a size range of 6 - 12, Men's sizes range from 4 - 14

Are you transgender/LGBTI friendly?

Yes, we help everyone out, we don't discriminate. Many of our shoes & boots go up to size 16/17. Private fittings can be organised.

Do you price match?


I am after a specific pair of Pleaser shoes/boots but don't see it on your website, can you still get it?

Possibily. Due to the size of the Pleaser range it's hard to have them all on our website. Sometimes items are out of stock for long periods with no new restock dates, other items may just be out of stock, or discontinued. Send us an email via our Contact form with the style number, size & colour you need and we'll check availability for you.


Please go to this link

Is postage free?

Yes, Australia only

Do you ship internationally?

We ship to New Zealand only at a charge of $20 per order with Australia Post - Express International. Now that the International Travel bubble with New Zealand has opened, we suspect this may speed up deliveies to NZ. We may use DHL every so often (however if you wish for us to use this there may be an additional charge)