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How do I work out my size?

All our shoes/boots are in US sizes, you will find a link to our size chart on the "About Us" page.

Can I get my shoes expressed to me?

Unfortunately we only order the shoes in as we need them. If we have a similar pair on hand and in your size we can arrange it, other wise not at this stage. However, your order can be express posted to you as soon as they come in.

What delivery service do you use?

All items are sent with Australia Post and require a signature to receive the goods. This protects you and us from theft. You will be provided with a tracking number once your item has been sent.

The shoes are the wrong size, how do I exchange them?

There is usually a redelivery fee of $15.00 and you need to send them back. If the shoe size suggested was quoted by us and we got it wrong, the $15 redelivery fee is waived and you are refunded your postage costs of sending the shoes back to us.

Are you doing any expos this year?

We hope to do the Fetish Expo in 2019, buyt no other expos are planned at this stage (but we welcome offers)

Can I be a shoe model?

We have our own photographer who uses his own models. But if you wish to be one of them, visit his facebook page here for more information -

Do you do “industry” discounts?


I have placed 3 orders with you in the past, can I get a special discount on my account?

Loyalty discounts are generally at the discretion of management. If you're a big spender (such as orders are over $150 frequently) you are more inclined to receive a discount (sometimes without notice, we like surprises :) ). However if you have ordered 3 -4 times and your orders have been less than $100, then we are less inclined to offer it to you. So it really depends on your spending/purchasing habits. 

It says "In Stock" so can you send it straight away?

No. In Stock basically means we can get them in, they are available, however due to the size of the range, it's not always right. If you need something urgently, contact us for an estimated delivery time before placing your order.

Some style numbers have an * next to their product name, what does that mean?

The asterix means the product is on special and/or has been discontinued. 

Can I pick up my shoes when you get them in?

Yes, but by appointment only. We do allo wpeople to come after business hours up to 7 - 7.30pm

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Orders need to be of 5 pairs (of shoes) or more to receive a discount. Delivery is still free

I run a business/cheerleading squad/team etc... and need shoes/boots, what can you organise for us?

We can arrange a special price and priority service for you. Contact us and we will get what you need as soon as we can. If you want to oder the same thing frequently we can arrange a special discount.

What is "Vegan Leather"?

Vegan Leather is just another term for Poly Urethane or Faux Leather. It's not real leather, its imitation leather, looks like leather but isn't. No animals were harmed in the making of any products with this material.


What are "Fitness Comp Shoes"?

This category has been created for the body building industry. All these shoes are clear high heels with a heel height of 5" - 6", many with a bit of bling on them, some just plain.

What is Demonia?

This range consists of Gothic styles shoes & boots for men and women, combat boots, shoes/boots made of poly urethane/vegan leather, some leather boots (but not many). Many fo these shoes have a size range of 6 - 12, Men's sizes range from 4 - 13

Are you transgender friendly?

Yes, we help everyone out, we don't discriminate.


All items are sent with Australia Post and require a signature to receive the goods. You will be provided with a tracking number once your item has been sent. We may send your item Express Post at our discretion should it fit in a standard size 3kg Express Post satchel. All parcels are discreetly wrapped.

Postage is free within Australia.

We will send Express Post if you request it, but as we do not carry stock, it won’t be sent until the item comes into our office. Express Post is extra depending on your location

International Shipping

We only send to New Zealand. We will not send to other countries due to high shipping costs. We send via International Express Post at a cost of $40 for the first item and $10 for each extra item after that. Larger orders by prior arrangement only.

Loyalty Program

We do offer a loyalty program. This is based on how frequent you buy and how much you spend. Buying 3 items in 3 months doesn’t automatically qualify you for a discount on your account. Discounts are provided to customers on a case by case basis.